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XBTMoon mining pool

XBTMoon is launching a mining pool located in EU (France). Join us on discord:¬†https://discord.gg/zr8E22S Visit our website: https://pool.xbtmoon.com Many hot coins are already runnin (ZEL, MUSICOIN, ETC, ZCL, ZEC, PIRL …), low fees (for the servers), low min…

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Mining with Centos 7 / nvidia GPUs

When comes the choice of the OS, you will face many options. Windows, Linux, or ‘ready to mine’ OS like pimpos, perfectmine, ethos, simpleming (….) ? I would say, choose the one you feel the most comfortable with….

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Trading vocabulary

A quick post which can be of a great help if you want to read or analyse the charts. What is a triangle, pennant etc… Here is a good site: trandingview¬†lots of ressources, analysis. Also, it is linked…

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